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Here at Kratos, we account for every detail of your journey. This is why we provide accompanying vehicles alongside the principles chauffeured luxury car to enhance the level of security we can offer. When choosing this bespoke service, our Range Rover Autobiography will be a backup car with extra security within if required. If any issue were to occur, this vehicle can provide extended vision along with bodyguards for assistance. Any extra luggage or space required can be fulfilled by this Range Rover. In addition to this, we provide a Close Protection Officer on a motorbike in front of the principles vehicle for on the road risk assessment and fast access to any threat whilst directing the principles route. By having access to three vehicles and a team of highly trained Officers, you know your journey will be safe and secure with us.

With our enhanced Officers and varied vehicles specially formed with security being the main priority, Kratos can assure you that your journey will be smooth and carefree, leaving you to unwind knowing we have taken care of every eventuality. All that's left is for you to enjoy the elegance and extravagance of our service.


Kratos specialises in the protection of VIPs, Diplomats, Celebrities and High Networth Individuals whilst keeping them in total luxury. Our completely personal service is tailored to you and your needs through our array of services. Our main services are listed below, however, if there are any additional requirements or security concerns do not hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 customer service. 

Our Close Protection Officers are all SIA certified and highly trained in their fields whilst handling high profile clients. We have access to a large range of ex-military and ex-police officers who are specialists in personal protection, defensive and evasive driving and risk assessment. No matter the occasion for the need of a Close Protection Officer, we will always be on hand to assist. Our CPOs will provide a watch over their principle at all times to ensure their well-being and safety, in addition, they will also carry out any tasks that are essential to their client's journey. A CPO can travel within your car as a Chauffeur or within a backup car that is apart of our fleet for an overwatch of the journey. All our vehicles have tinted rear windows for extra security and privacy.


  • Protecting the principle from threats of violence 

  • Ensuring a safe route planned

  • Extensive risk assessment before, during and after the principle is travelling 

  • Accompanying the principles on social and business events

  • Escorting the principle in a secure manner

All of our Chauffeurs and Close Protection Officers have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure your utmost security and privacy when travelling with Kratos. Before your journey is due to begin you will receive your driver and CPO profile with their relevant contact details and background information. This is an added layer of security for your own peace of mind. 


To receive a quote on our bespoke service please contact us via or leave us your contact details below and we will be in touch within 24 hours. We offer incredibly competitive rates whilst being leaders in the industry for offering the most secure journey within the luxurious experience. Any requirements or extras can be addressed and provided. We are passionate about the art of luxury travel and are excited to welcome you to Kratos.

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