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Our Chauffeur service is one of the leading in the business, we provide for any event or occasion. Our focus is on a bespoke and tailored service towards our client's needs and desires through our highly trained Chauffeurs and our elite fleet of vehicles. 

All of our Chauffeurs are immaculately trained, courteous and extremely professional in keeping your journey with Kratos memorable. No matter the occasion, we can provide our first class service. Every vehicle is available with a Chauffeur who has advanced driving qualifications to deliver the best service possible. We can also provide Close Protection Officers and an excellent personal concierge service if required. We cater to high networth individuals, diplomats, VIPs and celebrities and ensure the top security and privacy of all of our clients. Our team is available 24/7 for any questions to help you choose the perfect vehicle for your day. Every Chauffeur will arrive in good time of your journey, professionally uniformed and with an immaculately valeted vehicle along with a bespoke Kratos welcome package.


When landing from a tiresome trip, you need a first-class service to welcome you back onto the ground. This is where we assist. Kratos can meet you at any major or private UK airport or seaport to ensure you can travel in luxury and comfort from the minute you arrive.  We specialise in all kinds of travel, so if you have a last-minute flight booked or an urgent need to travel out of town we can assist. Our friendly team is available 24/7 to answer all questions and take bookings. We provide 60 minutes free waiting time if you are delayed.

Another service we provide to accompany our Chauffeurs is a bespoke meet and greet service for all major airports and seaports. We will personally check your flight and cruise details and ensure to be ready and waiting on your arrival. One of our friendly team shall be waiting in the airport/seaport for you with a personalised name board to greet you with a smile and to handle all of your bags. We can accompany and navigate all of our guests through the airport to the time of their departure. If you are looking to stay awhile with large amounts of luggage, we have a backup car if required and on request to ensure every bag and passenger have a comfortable journey. 

Whether you are looking for ongoing luxury Chauffeur services or a prestigious one-off journey for pleasure, we are experienced in all fields to ensure you have the best journey. We are as thrilled about our service as our cars, and so we tailor every trip to you. If you need a bouquet of flowers for a special guest or to celebrate a successful meeting with a bottle of champagne, we would be honoured to provide this. Any extra requirement will be tirelessly sourced for the topmost quality. 


All of our Chauffeurs are fully trained and experienced in handling high profile clients and VIPs. Every vehicle and Chauffeur is fully licensed and insured, whilst our drivers will have also completed an enhanced background DBS check and are holding a full UK advanced driving license.

For your own peace of mind, once a booking has been placed with Kratos we will provide you with our driver profile. This allows us to add an extra layer of security to your journey and ensures you will be able to identify our Chauffeur and vehicle on arrival. Each profile will include a photo and the identity of your Chauffeur and their contact details, the vehicle registration number along with any relevant background information on your Chauffeur prior to your arrival.

Knowing your Chauffeur in advance is a simple gesture, but an important one here at Kratos when we are ensuring a smooth and memorable experience. 

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Our services also include a mobile concierge service for VIP clients. If you have a busy itinerary or a stretched out business meeting with very little time to organise the small and important tasks, then we are pleased to help. Our team is available 24/7 for any assistance you may need; we will organise event tickets, restaurant bookings, clubs and spas whilst keeping you up to date at all times. 


We have access to trained and licensed close protection officers to ensure the highest level of security and safety for our VIP clients. All of our team are also required to sign a Non-disclosure agreement to ensure the top possible level of discretion and privacy. In summary, this provides our clients with the knowledge that whatever is discussed within or around the vehicle is held private. Your chauffeur will never ask to take a photo with you, nor will he converse in a conversation unless spoken too or to provide important updates regarding your journey. We also provide either a female or male Chauffeur if you require a preferred gender, to keep your journey as comfortable as possible.


All of our vehicles are sanitised before and after each journey, along with our chauffeurs being trained in top health and safety measures. Every chauffeur will be wearing a mask for the entirety of your journey. Kratos also provides our safety essentials kits which include a mask, hand sanitiser, gloves, surface wipes and tissues for your convenience and peace of mind.


Book via Web or Phone



Tell us your pickup and dropoff details along with the number of hours you wish to book a Chauffeur and receive an instant booking confirmation. Our office will always double-check the booking to ensure all details are correct. 

Confirmed Booking



24 hours prior to the start of your journey, we will email the Chauffeur and vehicle profile. Upon your chauffeur arriving at the pickup point, you will receive an SMS text informing you of this.

Enjoy Your Ride



The last step of the process is to simply enjoy your ride. Whether that is through requiring a certain temperature or your own music in the car - your Chauffeur will be more than happy to assist. 

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